Calling Joseph McCarthy!

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This eerily reeks of some kind of House Un-American Activities Committee.  We’ve already dissected Michele Bachmann’s inane comments about investigating who’s a good American and who isn’t.  Think Progress notes the frequency with which the term “anti-American” is tossed around, and how it’s hurled by conservatives at liberals.

The latest purveyors of this incendiary and very un-American rhetoric are Congressman Ted Poe of Texas and Congresswoman Virginia Foxx of North Carolina.

Poe, in his second term from the Houston suburbs, has targeted Columbia University and Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Marilyn Mackel – as well as Democratic-written energy bills.


“As a former judge, it appears to me the abuse of power by this anti-American military, peacenik judge is the perfect example of her having a terminal case of black robe disease, a disease some judges get when their personal politics cloud their judgment,” Poe said on March 10, after Mackel reportedly told a 17-year-old she opposed the Iraq war while denying his request for early enlistment into the Marine Corps.


“Columbia University clearly shows a pattern of being anti-American by promoting forums to warmongers and by preventing the U.S. military ROTC program on campus. Maybe the university should just relocate to Tehran. And in the meantime, the U.S. taxpayers have no business sending American money to the University of Hate,” he said on the day in September 2007 that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke at Columbia.

On September 17, Foxx was peeved that Democrats voted against oil drilling off the coasts at in ANWR.

“We had a great opportunity to pass a bill yesterday that would have created more American energy, but my colleagues on the other side don’t seem to be in favor of more American energy. They seem to be anti-American energy, just as many other things that they support seem to be anti-American power and anti-American control,” Foxx said.


Below, Foxx says, “We’re gonna find out who are the people who are pro-American energy and who are the people who are anti-American energy. The public deserves to know and we’re gonna find some ways to show them.”

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