McCain’s “Joe the Plumber” Myth Continues to Unravel

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According to court records from Joe Wurzelbacher’s divorce, he made $40,000 in 2006. Of course, under Barack Obama’s tax plan, Wurzelbacher (a.k.a. “Joe the Plumber”) would have to make over six times that amount to face a tax hike.

If Obama is elected president, Wurzelbacher can actually look forward to a nice tax cut. As the Obama-Biden Tax Calculator demonstrates, a single man like Wurzelbacher with a $40,000 annual income and one dependent (the 13-year-old son who lives with him) and a $100,000 balance on his mortgage (a reasonable estimate, considering that Wurzelbacher bought a home in 2005 for $126,500) would save $1,110 under Obama’s tax cut plan. That same taxpayer would save just $472 under McCain’s proposal.

And what if “Joe the Plumber” does end up buying his employer’s business? Would he then see his taxes go up under Barack Obama? Nope. As this USA Today report explains, the company that Wurzelbacher wants to buy has annual sales of about $100,000, so it wouldn’t face tax increases under Obama’s plan.

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