Obama, Acorn, And Fighting The Latest Smear

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One of the narratives Republicans are developing in the presidential campaign (now that every other one has failed) is to tie Barack Obama to ACORN, a community organizing group that has been accused of fraud in voter registration in swing states.  The McCain campaign is hitting hard Obama’s work as an attorney for the group years ago, his having conducted leadership training events, and money paid by the Obama campaign to Citizen Services, Inc., an ACORN affiliate, for the purpose of registering voters.

ACORN responds to charges against the group:

“Rumors of Acorn’s voter fraud have been greatly exaggerated and to a large extent manufactured,” Bertha Lewis, the organization’s interim chief organizer, or chief executive, said Monday in a conference call to announce that the organization had registered 1.3 million people to vote.


Ms. Lewis said it was Acorn itself that informed state officials about some questionable registrations collected by its employees that are now under investigation. Acorn said it had terminated the workers involved.

It turns out that when Obama represented ACORN in a 1995 lawsuit, ACORN was on the same side as the Justice Department.  The training events consisted of two hours of work.  And, money paid to Citizen Services was reported in campaign filings.

Fight The Smears has more on the true relationship between Obama and ACORN.

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