Dobson: Relativism Is For Liberals

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After claiming he’d not vote for John McCain, under any circumstances,  Focus on the Family head James Dobson then said he would consider voting for him before outright endorsing him.

Dobson also has preached about how working mothers could go over the edge:

The most difficult aspect of this lifestyle is the consistency of the load. Most of us could maintain such a schedule for a week or two, but the working mother must do it month after month for years on end. On weekends, there’s housecleaning to do, clothes to be ironed and pants to be mended. And this is the pace she maintains when things are going right. She has no reserve of time or energy when a member of the family gets sick or the car breaks down or marital problems develop. A little push in any direction and she could go over the edge.

That is, unless you’re John McCain’s running mate.  On Laura Ingraham’s radio show Dobson had this to say about his favorite political ticket when asked about Palin’s ability to balance a large family with being Vice President of the United States.

DOBSON: I think that is her choice. That’s a personal matter that’s in her own family. And she seems to be doing it well. She loves her kids, she loves her family. … When she was elected governor, she eliminated the position of chef at the mansion because she wanted to do the cooking for her own family. I mean, this is a very unique, special lady.

Oh, and Dr. Dobson is at the forefront of accusing liberals of moral relativism.

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