GOP Hearts Gustav

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Because it’s good for McCain, delegates say.  Take Matthew Wallace, from Shreveport, LA, who, when asked if Gustav helps, says:

“I think so. I think it’s a way for Senator McCain to showcase his experience and his talent to the country — that when it’s 3 a.m. and you have that national crisis, who do you want picking up that phone?”

Wally Naylor an African-American delegate from Mississippi praises his Republican governor Hayley Barbour’s handling of Katrina but slams Louisiana:

“They had a Democratic governor and a Democratic mayor. They just blamed the president, and the best I know, it wasn’t his fault.”


Uh, it was a national disaster, which is why FEMA was called in.  And New Orleans has the same Democratic mayor now that they had then. But Barbara Thornburn of Texas echoes Naylor’s sentiments:

“Because the leadership of Louisiana was Democratic last time, they didn’t want help. So when it got to be a big problem, then they wanted to blame it on us. That’s what I think happened.”

And Thornburn loves Sarah Palin even more now for having a pregnant teenage daughter while preaching abstinence:

“Oh, wow: We love her. She is perfect!” And the daughter? “You know, kids get into trouble, families handle it.”

But doesn’t this hurt her abstinence message?

“No. We teach our kids, and sometimes they don’t do what we teach…You tell them you love them, we make mistakes.”

Very forgiving.  Unless the person making the mistake is a Democrat.

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