What I Said And What I Did Not Say

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First, what I did not say.  I did not say that Sarah Palin caused her child to have Down Syndrome because of her choices.   I have received comment after comment and received thousands of emails about this because of right-wing sites who have lied about my initial post, a screen grab of which is here.  It may be convenient for those with their own agendas, or those who just hate liberals to make the case that I said something horrible about Sarah Palin, to feed the narrative that the evil, horrible left wing is attacking a conservative woman.   I don’t do ad hominem attacks.  It’s not my style.  And I usually let my work speak for itself. 

What I did say was that it’s fair to question a person’s judgment if that person is seeking to be Vice President of the United States,  just as the judgment of the Obama/Biden ticket has been heavily questioned.  And part of that question of judgment has to do with life decisions that candidates make.   In the case of Sarah Palin, it had to do with a choice to give a speech and then board a flight after contractions began and water began to break in the last month of pregnancy with her fifth child. 

Those who claim that I drew a parallel between those decisions and her child being born with Down Syndrome either didn’t read what I wrote or purposely lied about it to satisfy their own agendas.  Even after I posted a clarification and took responsibiliy for possibly not being clear enough in my original post I am still getting vicious comments and hate mail from those who believe I should be silenced, fired and even shot. 

To those who are purposely maligning me for whatever reason, let’s make a deal: You don’t lie about me, and I won’t tell the truth about you.

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