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From: Jim
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 9:18 PM
To: Alan
Subject: Babe

Your a Baby Killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Alan
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 1:21 PM
To: Jim
Subject: RE: Babe


I believe you meant to say “You’re a baby Killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. The use of the apostrophe in “you’re” presents the word as a contraction of the two words “you are”. In the future. please insult me with your apostrophes in their proper places.



From: Perry & Lisa
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 12:27 PM
To: Alan
Subject: You’re an angry LIBERAL


My family and I faithfully watch Hannity and Colmes every night, and as we do so, we notice that EVERY Democrat seated and interviewed, as well as yourself, seem to have an extremely angry attitude. We are registered Democrats but we vote for the man who is suited best for the job. Why don’t you do the same. It seems common sense would tell you and other Democrats to do the same. If there was another candidate even worse than Obama, would you continue to stand up for the Dems? This is where the Republicans outshine against your party. The Republicans are the ones with strong morals, value and character. Sean Hannity is the half of your show that has in his every breath, strong morals, great values and character. Obama will not get our votes, no matter who he picks as VP. He is the sorriest excuse for a man. How can you defend his record, night after night after night. You constantly repeat yourself as well as other Dems on your show. It is starting to get old and ridiculous. If you would read the Bible, you would change your mind about him. HIS VOTING RECORD IS WRONG. In the few years he has been a senator, his time in the Senate has been a total of 6 weeks. This is what you support? This shows your ignorance. Sitting next to Sean Hannity every night, you really need to upgrade your intelligence.


Perry and Lisa


From: Terrence
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 9:13 PM
To: Show -Colmes
Subject: ALAN


Allen………I think I finally figured out what your problem is……..You are just intellectually STUPID…………………..Huckabee was trying to explain to you the importance of the pro-life position and you cut him off by saying something about not re-debating the Roe v. Wade issue. You are too STUPID to understand the context and content of what opponents are trying to say to you. I previously thought you just had a problem listening but now I believe you just dont WANT to hear some things. So, you are intellectually STUPID AND NARROW-MINDED. Too bad you dont realize it.

From: Alan
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 1:15 PM
To: Terrence
Subject: RE: ALAN

Dear Terrance,



From: Terrence
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 1:17 PM
To: Alan
Subject: RE: ALAN


It’s great that you took the time to send that nonsense. Too bad for you.


From: Thelma
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 9:46 PM
To: Alan
Subject: Baby

When you and your wife has a child , if if something is wroung with it will you let or tell the doctors to go ahead and kill it, if so you are as bad as obama.



From: Ronnie
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 9:55 PM
To: Alan


Hey Colmes I’m usually agianst abortion for any reason BUT when I spend the time watching a good for nothing SOB like you on FOX it makes me think MAYBE it should be allowed in some cases. You should really try to seperate yourself from Hannity because when you are on with him you kinda come across as the turd in the punch bowl.


From: markie
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 1:26 PM
To: Alan
Subject: My Soul Grieves for You


Mr. Colms, What is A Pregnant Mother , Pregnant with? Is she Pregnant with a Frog , then after it has passed from the thin veil from inside the Mother till outside the Mother,,,then POOF!! It’s a Baby. You Defense of Child Murder is Indefensible. You can’t really believe what you say,,you must be saying those things just to play the (Devils) advocate. If you believe what you’ve said defending Mr. Obama’s Infanticide Mentality,,well I think you have a very dark and Lonely Soul. I’m asking God to have mercy on your heart. Please search your heart and be Honest on the air,,this is not a game. Please Mr. Colms, realize the Gravity of your position. It’s sad,very sad,,,Sincerely,Mrs.Markiemarie




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