The Real McCain?

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This report by John King of CNN goes into depth about the chronology of McCain’s return from Vietnam and how it affected his marriages.  As Republicans love to talk about “core values” and “morality” ad nauseam, one can only imagine how it would be playing if this were the narrative of the likely Democratic nominee.        

To Cindy: And how does it sit with you, to those who have over the years have said, “John Mccain comes home from Vietnam, leaves his wife and then marries this younger, beautiful, wealthy woman?

Cindy McCain: At the time I really didn’t understand what they were saying because my husband had been separated. You know, six-and-a-half years is a long separation.

King VO: McCain wrote in his memoir he began dating Cindy after he separated from his wife, Carol.  In fact, his own divorce filings how they dated for nine months while he was still living with Carol.  And records show he applied for a marriage license in Arizona before his divorce was final. 

To McCain: The chronology that is presented publicly doesn’t necessarily match the chronology of the documents, that you had applied for a marriage license in Arizona at a time when your divorce wasn’t final yet.

McCain: It’s 30 years ago. I have a happy marriage.

At 4:46 on this video you hear about a troubled marriage and affairs (plural).

h/t Crooks and Liars.

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