Just Wait Until The Campaign Gets Dirty

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Donald Kaul, who describes himself as “a two-time Pulitizer Prize-losing Washington correspondent” (for the Des Moines Register) summed up what I’ve been thinking.

In truth, it would be an exaggeration to call John McCain’s campaign tactics thus far “dirty.” Tacky, certainly, but they have not yet risen (or fallen) to the level of “dirty.” (Although the ad lying about Obama blowing off a visit to wounded troops in Iraq so he could get a photo op comes close.)

Right now, it’s more at the level of a high school jock yelling insults at the smart kid who’s stealing his girl. “Nyah, Nyah, you’re an intellectual and your mother dresses you,” that sort of thing. Kid stuff.

 Look at what they’re hurling at Obama and what it really means:

  • He’s articulate (for a black man)
  • He went to a black church (he’s black)
  • He’s arrogant (he’s an uppity black)
  • He doesn’t put his hand on his heart for the Pledge of Allegience (he hates America, )
  • He’s not patriotic (he’s black and hates America)
  • He associates with radicals (he’s really really black and really hates America)
  • He’s a Muslim (boy is he black, and boy does he hate America)

We’re also told that he is a celebrity who gives really good speeches and attracts thousands of people to his events. This, to McCain supporters, is a negative.  McCain, whose appeared on Letterman, the Tonight Show, the Daily Show, and many others, was never heard of before this presidential race, can’t give a speech, and is allergic to crowds?

When McCain starts to fall behind in the polls and his advisers tell him he has to fight dirty to win, how are they going to top themselves?

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