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The post below, where I’ ve asked for links to your favorite stories, produced this one from Johnny Ringo:

I never hear mention in the media of McCain’s stated intention to tax employee supplied health care as income to fund his health care plan. It’s even at his website:

“McCain would eliminate the tax exemption for people whose employers pay a portion of their coverage, raising an estimated $3.6 trillion in revenues.”Of course, he refers to it as “eliminating the health care exemption”, but it sounds like a new tax on the working class to me, and that falls in conflict to his well pronounced promises to not raise taxes.

Cheryl is on the story of Bush’s South Korea trip, where our Asian friends are concerned about the quality of American beef.

Bush met with President Lee Myung-bak two days ago. The goal was to discuss North Korea, and also to discuss South Korea sending more of their troops to Iraq. But guess what? The South Korean people are so pissed about our beef, that they protested Bush when he got off the plane. Myung-bak has to make his people happy before he can ask them to get involved in other issues. Those people are PISSED.


LV linked to the grassfire site about the court upholding the 10-year sentences for border patrol agents Ramos and Compean.

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