Yes, I Support Peta, Proudly

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Dustin Jolley decided to call me names because I “admitted” on the air that my wife and I support PETA, in the wake of their latest, great video campaign.

Alan Colmes, the Liberal half of Hannity and Colmes admitted today that he and his wife the (sister of Conservative radio host Monica Crowley) are PETA supporters. I always knew Alan was an idiot. But I never thought the he would admit to being a supporter of a left-wing, anti-American, anti-meat, pro-abortion, extremist, terrorist organization such as PETA. Thank’s for basically indirectly telling us that you’re secretly a vegan, Alan, as if I and anybody else wouldn’t have put it paseed you anyway.

Gee, I didn’t know that animal rescue, supporting spaying and neutering of pets, and alerting us to animal abuse is left-wing and anti-American.  Unless, of course, only liberals and America-haters (not synonymous, Dustin) care for our furry friends.  Nor did I know that PETA has anything to do with the pro-choice movement, or that they’re terrorist extremists.   Did someone give you a conservative thesaurus? I love how people decide to make preumptions with no supporting facts. I’m not a vegan; not even a vegetarian; however, I do support PETA on key issues that transcend left-right politics.  And that should earn me the name-hurling anger such a post displays?

Oh, and just in case I negleted it earlier, here is a link to PETA.

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