GOP=Grand Oil Party

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Crooks and Liars has a post on how Bush is shamelessly using the price of oil to bash Democrats.  For one thing, why did he wait until now to lift the drilling ban? Furthermore, his own energy department says prices won’t be affected much by drilling, and the results don’t occur for up to a decade, anyway.

Progressive Accountablity has McCain’s record on oil:

McCain Voted To Protect Big Oil

McCain Voted Against Reducing Dependence On Foreign Oil. In 2005, McCain voted against legislation calling on the President to submit a plan to reduce foreign petroleum imports by 40 percent. [Senate Roll Call Vote #140, 6/16/05]

In 2005, McCain Voted Against A Windfall Profit Tax On Oil Companies At Least Twice. McCain voted against a measure that would have provided an income tax rebate to Americans by taxing enormous oil company profits temporarily on an sale of crude above $40 a barrel. [S 2020, Vote #331, 11/17/05; S 2020, Vote # 341, 11/17/05; Houston Chronicle, 11/17/05; Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/18/05; Environment and Energy Daily¸ 11/18/05]

McCain Voted Against Taxing Oil Companies To Provide $100 Rebate To Consumers. In 2005, McCain voted against an amendment to impose a temporary tax on oil company profits from the sale of crude oil. The funds would be used to provide every taxpayer with a $100 non-refundable tax credit for 2005 for each person in their household. The amendment failed 33-65. [S 2020, Vote #341, 11/17/05]McSame As Bush:

McCain Changed Position To Embrace Big Oil Backed Offshore Drilling

McCain Now: McCain Called For Lifting The Off Shore Drilling Moratorium. During a press availability in Arlington Virginia, John McCain called for a lifting of the federal moratorium on offshore drilling. [McCain Press Availability, 6/16/07]

McCain Then: McCain Voted Against Off-Shore Drilling At Least Three Times, and Twice Supported Florida Efforts To Prevent Drilling Off Their Coasts. [H.R. 6, Vote #143, 6/21/05]S. 14, Vote #221, 6/12/03][H.R. 2788, Vote #241, 10/7/89]

Houston Chronicle: McCain Announced Drilling Stance To “Make Amends With Texas Energy Producers.” The Houston Chronicle Reported, “Republican presidential candidate John McCain, seeking to make amends with Texas energy producers who did not support him during the 2008 GOP primary season, said Monday he wants to end a federal moratorium on offshore drilling and create “additional incentives” for states to approve new exploration ventures.” [Houston Chronicle, 6/17/08]

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