I Beat The Ampersand!

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No matter how effective I am in any given segment, it’s not good enough for the posters at DailyKos.  Although Diego was kind enough to write a post called “Colmes Nails Giuliani”, along with a transcript of our discussion on oil, the the comment section is less than glowing:

  • Colmes was actually mildly effective in an argument? I thought that was against his contract.
  • How much does it pay anyway, being a professional doormat?
  • “The Milquetoast Hour with Alan Colmes.”
  • First time I’ve ever read the words “Colmes” and “nails” next to each other.
  • It occurs frequently, but in reverse order
  • “Colme’s nails ….tightly clenched Hannity’s buttocks as he reached down to kiss tha ass of the man that allows him to appear on television”
  • Alan Colmes’ Testes Dropping?
    He must be getting tired of being upstaged by the ampersand.
  • Shows just how weak of A Politician Guiliani is when ALAN FRIGGEN COLMES nailed him LOL
  • Alan Colmes is like Beating the Start Screen of a video game.
  • I never watch Hannity & Colmes precisely because of Colmes.
    Losing an argument with Alan Colmes is like losing a debate with an empty chair

I have often commented on how conservatives rally around their own, no matter how far off the beam they are (witness the embracing of McCain) while liberals eat their young.  Perphaps if I shoot each conservtaive who comes on our show and render them vegetables? Would that be enough?

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