How Should I Respond To Cindy?

Posted by | July 3, 2008 22:59 | Filed under: Hate Mail

From: Cindy
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 10:37 PM
To: Alan
Subject: fair and balance?

mr colmes,

it is not often that i write emails to anyone that i don’t know personally. however, tonight, i cannot hold in any more anger. i watch foxnews almost every night and i do follow your show on a regular basis. i notice, over the past few months of watching your show, i’ve accumulated more and more hate and anger towards you. why? you are a horrible interviewer, one who asks an interviewee questions without giving him/her a chance to answer. you repeatedly jump in and interrupt others just to save yourself from being proven wrong. i find your ignorance very disgusting and your extreme liberal views very scary. you blindly follow the liberal views even though the facts are put in front of you that their views are not right. you oppose the us government from drilling for oil and you believe that it wont lower the gas prices here in the us. to be a host on such a renowned station as foxnews, shouldn’t you be ashamed for saying those idiotic comments? now that sean hannity is not there by your side, keeping you in check, you seem to have gotten even more psychotic with your ignorant views. i am only 20 years old, yet i seem to know more about the issues that are currently happening more than you do. just because you call yourself a liberal, does not mean you have to blindly, IGNORANTLY, kiss ass to the liberals. it is OK to be part of a party and disagree with their views sometimes, alan. if you wholeheartedly follow your group just because you’re part of it, doesn’t that make you part of a cult? don’t you have any thoughts of your own? can’t you decide for yourself what’s right and what’s wrong? you do not deserve to be on foxnews because you are NOT, in the least bit, FAIR AND BALANCED. all you are good at is asking stupid questions, jump in and interrupt them when they are trying to answer questions, stall time while interrupting so that they run out of air time, and then you go to commercial. you really need to go back to school, read some more news rather than reporting, because you sure do not know what you’re reporting. i cannot wait until sean hannity comes back on air so that you can shut your liberal left nut idiotic mouth. i bet you’ve secretly asked yourself: “WHY ISNT THIS SHOW CALLED COLMES AND HANNITY”….heres your answer: BECAUSE HANNITY CAN KICK YOUR LEFT NUT ASS ANY DAY AND ANY NIGHT. the reason why they chose to have you on the show is probably to piss viewer (like me) so that we can keep on watching the show. if you think you have talent, heres a reality slap in the face: you dont. !!!!

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