The McCain Myth

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They’re playing the fear card again. Disappointingly, so is one fear-pusher who should know better: Joe Lieberman.  Lieberman says we’re likely to be attacked in 2009.

“Our enemies will test the new president early,” Lieberman, I (don’t like Democrats)-CT, told Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer. “Remember that the truck bombing of the World Trade Center happened in the first year of the Clinton administration. 9/11 happened in the first year of the Bush administration. John McCain is ready to take the reigns on January 20, 2009.  He doesn’t need any training.


And even though McCain adviser Charlie Black said a terror attack on the US would be a big advantage to their campaign, Black and the McCainiacs are wrong.  Frank Rich envisions a scenario where, in private, they’re gaming out, “Hey, when would be the best time for an attack, before or after the convention? Which state, a red or a blue one?”

But when they start going on about how more prepared they are to weather an attack on the US, hit them with two words: ka trina.  Homeland Security czar Michael Chertoff didn’t know what was going on in the Houston Convention Center, even as it was being broadcast live on national television.

And, as you look at who’s around McCain you see a history of ineptitude.  Foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann, a PNAC member who headed something called the Commitee for the Liberation of Iraq, to sell the Iraq war (and McCain was on the board of TCFTLOI), pushed for diverting resources from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Iraq.  We see how that turned out.  (Monday’s New York Times has a piece on how our policies have led to al Qaeda growing in Pakistan).

Another McCain adviser, former CIA director James Woolsey, promoted the idea that Iraq was linked to the Oklahoma City bombing, and that accused Iranian spy Ahmed Chalabi was a trusted source of intelligence. (And Chalabi had strong ties to Charlie Black).

And then there’s neo-McCain supporter Rudy Giuliani, “America’s Mayor”, who wanted New York’s command center in the World Trade Center, because he didn’t want to trek all the way to Brooklyn.

So, the next time some neo-con tells you that we’re safer with McCain than with Obama, point out that McCain represents the status quo, and the status quo is built upon people whose ideas and management led to the very problems McCain would have to face as president.

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