Hagee And The Jews

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I posted about how John Hagee’s professions of love for Israel and the Jews is mostly about the end times and how the Jews of Israel will accept Christ during the Rapture. Reading Crooks and Liars reminded me of the great video Max Blumenthal did before he was kicked out of John Hagee’s 2007 Christians United for Israel conference.

In this video you will see:

  • Tom DeLay saying we have to be connected to Israel in order to enjoy the Second Coming of Christ, which he hopes comes “tomorrow.”
  • John Hagee saying we should “support Israel, today tomorrow, and forever, until the Messiah comes.”
  • Hagee claiming this has nothing to do with eschatology.
  • Hagee’s followers contradicting that statement, and how the Jews will accept Christ during the end times, so they can be restored.
  • Former Israeli Ambassador to the US Dore Gold saying the only one who can move the end times up is Ahmadinejad.
  • Excitement about Armageddon.
  • How the anti-Christ will be one who promotes peace.
  • Hagee urging the crowd to agree with Joe Lieberman that we need to strike Iran to prevent a nuclear holocaust.
  • Lieberman likening Hagee to Moses and welcoming and praising Rick Santorum.
  • Believers who say they have a common enemy with Israel: The Muslims.
  • Blumenthal asking Hagee about his book Jerusalem Countown, where he blames Jews for the persecution they’ve endured, before being thrown out of the convention.

And get a load of the guy at the end waving the Israeli flag while wearing a vile t-shirt.


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