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It seems as though there are no major health issues. His cancer is in check.  He did have some kidney stones and diverticulosis. He’s checked every three months.  Here are some highlights, according to Fox News.


cancer check
“no clinical evidence of recurrence of past malignant melanomas”


scan of hands
mild digenerative changes at the dip jints, thumb ip joints, long and little finger mcp joings and thumb cmc joints.

severe degenerative changes at the glenohumeral joint.


cancer check
“continues to have some intermittent swelling of the left jaw area.
This tends to occur especially if he has been up for prolonged periods of time I understand.”
no worrisome lesions.

cancer check
“He feels well. Has hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim in 3 days this august. energy level is good. with the hike, he lost 10 pounds and has not regained it, but he has had no further weight lost.”
“doing a very good job of photoprotection.”
“he requests a flu shot today. will arrange to have that given.”
“no clinical evidence of recurrence of past malignant melanomas”


saw spot on forehead.
“Almost flesh-toned papule, not quite 4 mm in size. … I do not see any worrisome features.”


comprehensive exam

“Over the years, he has had numerous non-melanoma basal cell and squamous cell cancers excised from various locations. There has been no recurrent melanoma or metastatic disease. His chest x-rays and liver function tests have always been normal.”
current cholesterol: 155
hdl: 34, ldl: 83, tryglycerides: 190


cancer check
“no clinical evidence of recurrence of his past melanomas”


biopsy of left lateral canthal site
returns: “no skin cancer identified.”


cancer check
“actinic keratoses: treated 6 with liquid nitrogen ioncluding that on the left upper back, left midforearm, the one on the right dorsum nose and the very few on the upper forehead. all should resolve.”


cancer check
“He has felt well. he has been very busy with his campaign.”
“Feels well. He has been very active with campaigning and has lost a few pounds he feels because of that. Energy level is excellent.”
right upper shin: biopsy by shave techniue of a portion for diagnosis.

await path before determining appropriate treatment of remnant

comprehensive exam
“His weight decreaed from 169 to 163 pounds in the past year and attributes this to his long days and frenetic pace.”
alcohol: very infrequent. two drinks per month
blood pressure: 134/84
cholesterol: 151
hdl: 35, ldl: 90, triglycerides: 128
still on vitorin
“he needs to force fluids and decrease his diatary sodium.”
because of bladder stone


radiology of abdoment. CT scan
“no evidence of metastatic melanoma in the chest, abdomen, or pelvis.
metabolically and clinically active stone disease in the right kidney
echo cardiogram
exercised on a “bruce protocol” for 10:0 achieving 145% FAC

thyroid sonography
ultrasound of a small, superficial palpable nodule in the left periauricular region…
(a small neuroma)

colonoscopy report
“the colonoscopy showed extensive diverticulosis throughout the colon and a total of 6 colon polyps ranging in size from .3 cm to .6 cm. The polyps were removed from the ascending and transverse colon. All polyps proved to be tubular adenomas without high-grade dysplasia.”
Take off of vytorin
switch to simvastatin 20 mg daily in view of the recent ENHANCE study as reported in the NEJM and presented at the American College of Cardiology meeting.

cancer check
no new lesions.
cholesterol 192
hdl: 42, ldl: 123, triglycerides: 135
“These are slightly higher than in march because i switched him from Vytorin 10/10 to simvastatin 20 mg daily. These numbers are acceptable and I will leave him on simvastatin 20 mg.”


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