Bush Used Biden To Talk To Gadhafi

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h/t Crooks and Liars.

BIDEN: What’s the alternative to talking with a country that’s building a nuclear weapons, attempting to, that in fact is helping kill Americans by supporting elements in Iraq that are killing Americans?

You either talk; you go to war; or you maintain the status quo.

Now, let’s talk about talking. President Bush, the White House, called me, several years ago, told me Air Force Two was waiting for me at Andrews Air Force Base; would I get on the plane and go meet with Gadhafi, a real known terrorist, personally, a terrorist – personally responsible for killing kids at the school I went to, Syracuse University, blowing up that Pan Am flight.

The president of the United States asked me to go. He cut a deal with Gadhafi, directly. It was a smart thing to do. He gave up his nuclear weapons, Gadhafi…

BIDEN: And the last point I’ll make – maybe the president doesn’t know
– I’ll be a smart guy, here – maybe he doesn’t know what’s going onin his own administration. But as soon as he gets back, he should fire, as appeasers, Gates…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Secretary of defense?

BIDEN: … and Rice – secretary of defense and secretary of


BIDEN: Because they both – Gates as recently as a week ago –
said, we’ve got to sit down and talk with the Iranian directly.

I guess that makes this administration a bunch of appeasers.


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