Who Really Hates America?

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It’s extremely troubling that the rhetoric in this country among Americans is so poisoned. Talk radio, a largely conservative medium, gins up emotions about how horrible, how evil, how un-American liberals are. You’d think the the real enemy is not al Qaeda, not jihadists, not fascists, but that American liberals are the true enemy of conservatives. I am reminded of this having just received this email:

From: Linda
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 9:30 PM
To: Alan
Subject: Liberals

You sir, and your demons in league always throw the Republicans in there….Gas prices didn’t go up until the democrats got in there and a whole lot of other people. You need to shut up. Your party is the most evil that have ever been in politics. I don’t care what republican Pres. you bring up….I can’t wait….when your Obama gets in …IF he gets in…you and your Left wings liberals…and I mean the big guys will be so sorry….because no matter good things might look, it won’t be good. I hate the government. They are all crooked, and the few who are honest and up to what they should be need to fight a little harder.
I have grandchildren and great grandchildren and I am so afraid for them.
There is so something wrong…with you all.
Pres. Bush may have taken a shot, but you s–t heads have done nothing but say bad things about him. I am glad he is fighting back. And even though I don’t care that much about Bush….I definitely hate the Left wing Liberals.
Oh, and I have a best friend who is a conservative democrat….and even she is afraid of what is going to happen.
Newt should have run for President….he is by far the best…and would you tear him apart like you do with every republican…sure you would…because you are an idiot…like the rest.
Love ya Alan….

You gotta marvel at how “good Americans”, good, God-fearing Christian folk, the ones who “love thy neighbor”, and consider themselves to be decent people with “values”, support invading foreign countries rather than talking to them; and at how they reserve their most palpable hate for their fellow countrymen and women, evil liberals who are all idiots. And from do they get this hatred? Is it genetic? A gene pool gone bad? Or are they emotionally steamed up by their friends, their loved ones and those who publicly tear down us horrible, despicable, America-hating liberals? And how about that knife-twisting “Love ya Alan”?

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