Right-Wing Misrepresentation

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Hey, Warner at Newsbusters, how about accurately representing what I said? Neither I, nor Obama for that matter, ever said, “Middle America is full of racist, overly religious gun-nuts.” Here are some other things you ought to know before you misrepresent me.

  • I have no problem with Obama getting the nomination, but I am on record as a Hillary supporter.
  • Defending someone because you feel he is wrongly criticized does not make you an “apologist.”
  • I was never “hiding” Liberaland. I started it on a lark and people found out about it. If I wanted to hide it I would have kept it a private blog.
  • There are some people who “cling” to guns and religion. Not all. Not most. Some.
  • Saying something that happens be true, a truth that is inconvenient and, perhaps, not pretty, does not mean you disdain the people you’re describing.
  • Name-calling, ie: “panderer and “liar” proves Michelle Obama right. America can be “downright mean.” And the people posting don’t exactly seem to be sipping the milk of human kindness.
  • Obama is not my messiah. I’m Jewish, but not a messianic Jew.
  • If you think I should keep my blog a secret, don’t help me publicize it, but thanks for the link, anyway.
  • My full statement is as you quoted: “And just where is he wrong? Pointing out why people may be bitter or frustrated, that there is xenophobia, that people sometimes cling to religion or feel paranoid about the government and embrace guns doesn’t mean you hate or disdain a portion of the population.” The rest is your conjecture, and it’s wrong.

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