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From: Ralph
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2008 11:32 PM
To: Alan
dear alan, they say that when we are under extreme pressure, the real truth comes out. lets say i found myself in a back alley surrounded by 6 jews. and they said to me, “your a christian, how do you feel about the jews.” what would be the most honest thing i could possibly say at that moment.
it would sound like this. First of all, there is no hatred from Christians towards Jews, we cant hate the jews, because our Lord and savior was a heeb. So theres no hatred there, but what there is, is a seed of frustration. and it comes from this. Theres no doubt the jews are the most gifted people on the planet. nomatter what it is, they can do it better. Steven Spielburg, Barbara Striesand, Albert Ienstein, the greatest mind the world has ever known, was a Jew. And the struggling Christian, looking for words of encouragement and wisdom reads his bible. And he opens up the pages and he reads; God will bless the Jew first, and then the Greek…… Well, im french, irish, and german, so all i can do is sit around and wait for whatever scraps he sends my way. but i play the best hand i can with the cards ive been dealt. But meanwhile, the son of Abraham, cant take 5 seconds out of h is jew life, and just have an ounce of humility, and say,……………. Wow, you know what, maybe Jesus really was the messiah,this is the cross i have to bear all the days of my life, so ill be praying for your catholic wife, who has to be married to you. because her cross has to be heavier than mine……..Ralph from NH

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