It’s Never The Sex

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Can’t these politician/adulterers even learn to have affairs properly? I mean, they do it much better in Europe. You’d think we could learn something from the French.  We’ve got New York Governor David Paterson doing the hokey pokey in a Quality Inn and paying with a campagin credit card. Eliot Spitzer, who should have known better, launders money in order to get some side action, and then actually calls the bank and asks them to remove his name from the transaction.  These people are allegedly smart enough to run our government, ie, our lives, but can’t even conduct sexual liasons without getting tripped up on technicalities. 

Now we have Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick denying under oath that he exchanged text messages with former chief of staff Christine Beatty, and today he faces 80 years in prison and $40,000 in fines if convicted of perjury, obstruction of justice and misconduct in office. 

Neither Kilpatrick nor Beatty entered pleas today, so the magistrate did it for them.  But it’s not the sex or even the embarrassing text messages coming to light that are likely career-enders, it’s paying out more than $9 million dollars to police officials who say their careers were ruined by Kilpatrick and Beatty for blowing the whistle on them.

Note to potential adulterers who have public jobs: don’t use Internet escort services, don’t call the bank after the fact to take your name off large transactions, explore other ways to deal with a marital “rough patch”, avoid text messaging on company-owned equipment (and, if possible, at all) and, most importantly, pay cash money that does not derive from taxpayers.  Other than that, have fun.

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