What Happened To Jonah Goldberg’s Post Column Today?

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He wrote one, titled, “Sorry, She’s Done: How Hill Went Wrong” that I read last night in the early, “Sports Extra” edition of the New York Post, but that column appears nowhere on their site this morning. A variation of it is at National Review, called “An Early Autopsy On the Clinton Campaign.”

Meanwhile notice the difference between this Dick Morris column in “The Hill” called “Why Hillary Will Lose”, and his New York Post column today, “Obama Better Battle Back Before It’s Too Late“.

Now, he’s saying:

Hillary can still win this nomination…Obama needs to stop her gathering momentum by shedding his ingenue status and fighting hard for the nomination his previous victories have earned him.

Then, he was saying:

Hillary Clinton has blown an almost sure shot at the Democratic presidential nomination. Having surrendered the lead to Obama, she is not likely ever to regain it.

The Clinton haters are so blinded by their visceral distaste for them that they couldn’t wait to dance upon her political grave.  Instead of well-thought-out serious analysis we get so-called pundits who seize at any hint of disaster to pronounce their targets permanently impotent.  If a doctor misdiagnosed a patient this poorly there’s be a malpractice suit.  But there are no consequences for the blind Clinton hatred that leads to faulty analysis.  Thank goodness Democratic voters are too smart to listen to them.

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