The Great Pretenders

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If you’re going to be a smear merchant, at least admit that’s what you are. Okay, you’re not going to actually say you’re a smear merchant, but you can at least be genuine enough to say you have concerns about a particular candidate, which is why you feel compelled to underscore his middle name, or that you believe in guilt-by-association and so you are examining who a particular person knows. Don’t pretend you’re not smearing someone while you smear him. That’s like saying “I’m not going to bring up that you beat your wife.”

Just as Bill Cunningham fakes that he is only honoring Barack Obama by mentioning the full name his parents gave him, Jonah Golberg lives in that Egyptian river, denial. First, he denies that calling a book “Liberal Fascism” means he thinks liberals are fascist, and now, as Newshounds correctly states, he smears Obama while denying that’s what he’s doing.

From Friday night’s Hannity and Colmes, and a h/t to Newshounds for the video:

Part I


Part II


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