John McCain: Maverick No More

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John McCain has now voted against legislation that would prohibit the CIA from using coercive interrogation techniques.  This is one issue where, until now, McCain has been consistant and, as a former resident of the Hanoi Hilton, knew whereof he spoke. But now that he has to suck up to the right wing, he seems to have jumped off the straight talk express once again. This is a bill that authorizes spending for intelligence programs, and Democrats have added a provison against torture.

…Republicans and the White House oppose a provision in the authorization bill that would prohibit the CIA and all other U.S. intelligence agencies from using interrogation techniques not authorized by the U.S. Army Field Manual.

McCain’s vote directly contradicts what he said during a November 28 debate.

Via Think Progress:


I would hope that we would understand, my friends, that life is not 24 and Jack Bauer. Life is interrogation techniques which are humane and yet effective. And I just came back from visiting a prison in Iraq. The army general there said that techniques under the Army Field Manual are working and working effectively, and he didn’t think they need to do anything else. My friends, this is what America is all about.

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