Obama-Bloomberg ’08?

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Before we know it we’ll be talking not just about who the presidential nominees will be, but also who else will be on the tickets.  Dr. Bruce Yaffe, a Manhattan internist, has a novel idea. 

Word is that Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg’s chief strategist, wants to wait until after the Texas primary on March 5 to make a decision.  And, as an independent, it will be almost impossible to amass the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the election.

Yaffe reasons,

“Mr. Bloomberg knows that a divorced, Jewish billionaire from Manhattan with no international political experience, known for strict gun control policies, and for successfully raising property taxes, has no significant chance of winning…”

Yaffe says there is a role, though, for someone with Bloomberg’s temperament and expertise to help guide the ship of state during the next 16 years.

“Though Mayor Mike is a CEO kind of guy, it is not unreasonable for him to team up with the other non-polarizing candidate in the race, Barack Obama, forming a real bipartisan coalition. Michael Bloomberg as Barack Obama’s supporter and eventual running mate!”

After eight years of being a “most senior adviser”, providing gravitas, managerial expertise, and even campaign money to prevent the need to kowtow to special interests, Bloomberg would be, at age 74, positioned to be the next president.

Yaffe even says that Bloomberg would be a good life insurance policy against the nut jobs:

“In a perverse way, Mr. Obama may also get added protection from ‘the crazies’ who might be unhpapy with a black man as president.  Removing Obama would leave an alternative that would be equally odious.”

So should Mayor Bloomberg revise his plan before Super Tuesday and hop on the Obama train? And would/should Obama even consider such a ticket?

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