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Here is what I am talking about in the post just below. In spite of the fact that last night I confronted Ari Fleischer, who was mentioned in the Center for Public Integrity Report as having been one of the perpetrators of the 935 administration lies leading up the the Iraq war, that is still not good enough for some liberals. Think Progress wrote it up nicely, and Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars even, in her words, ate crow about previous comments she made about me as she kindly mentioned the confrontation. But, I failed to create bloodshed on the set, and Ari Fleischer was still alive after the interview, and so the commenters say things like:

Colmes is a Republican pretending to be a Democrat on the Fake News Network known as FOX.

then there’s

I don’t think you’re off the mark calling Colmes a milquetoast.
Alan just lets it go by when Fleisher tries to shift the problem to the democrats.

Of course he blames Democrats and, as Nicole pointed out, I said,

“COLMES: But you were the guys running the country.”

When he blames Democrats again, my time is up, but I’ve made my point.
Someone else says:

Colmes should have pointed out that it was the Repubs who were selling the war, not the Democrats, which effectively makes a his lame argument mute.

Didn’t I just do that?

Colmes can’t really confront guys like Fleisher. Either it’s because of his character, or because the format doesn’t give him
time enough to follow through. I suspect it is the former. He should quit this stupid farce of a show. He is made to
look like a castrated fool every day.

I just did confront him. And there are time problems, especially when you have a co-host. But to this person I have a character flaw.

All in the Family…
Alan Colmes
–> wife =Sister of Monica Crowley, Republican pundit

Guilty. I have conservatives in my family. Sorry.

They have never said they were wrong and damn it to hell Colmes did not correct him.

Fleischer to me, as Nicole wrote it:

We were wrong, Alan.

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