One Flag Doesn’t Fit All

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(from Las Vegas) I very pointedly asked Mike Huckabee on Friday night’s Hannity and Colmes if he viewed the confederate flag as a symbol of racism or of southern pride. He very pointedly did not answer the question. Dick Morris, with whom I normally disagree, made an eloquent statement about how the confederate flag, to blacks, is like a swastika to Jews.

Dick: I totally disagree with him (Huckabee) about that confederate flag. I’m Jewish, and to me the confederate flag is to blacks what the swastika is for me. It stands for slavery and oppression.
Sean: Does he help himself in South Carolina or has he made a mistake some.
Dick: I don’t know, it’s a morally wrong position, and I condemn it.
Sean: That’s not a viable position for you?
Dick: I think it’s wrong. If the Germans put a swastika in their flag, you bet I’d be talking about it.
Sean: Everybody that supports that flag is then racist?
Dick: No, but everybody who supported it in 1861 was racist.
Sean: But the ones supporting it now are not. Maybe some.
Dick: I think that it is not what the flag represents now, it’s what it represented then.

Why should a state wave it, other than in a museum or as part of an historical display? For all the hate emailers who think I hate America, we are The United States of America, not the conferderacy, and we are not two different countries. All the flag-wavers who hyperventilate about the Red, White and Blue, and who shout “under God” when they say the Pledge of Allegience, ought to support this position. There is one flag that represents this country.

Alan: Do you see it as southern pride or a symbol of racism? How do you personally view that flag?
Huckabee: It doesn’t matter — you’re missing my point, Alan, with all due respect. It’s not an issue for me because I don’t live in South Carolina. People from South Carolina have dealt with this issue, they’ve put it behind them. When governor David Beasley dealt with this issue, he said he never called a single person from Washington and asked them what they thought, and my whole point was we had people come to our rallies and bringing the issue up dressed in different costumes and so on, and I said I’m not getting into it. I said if somebody came to my state and tried to make our state flag an issue, we can fight among ourselves in our state, but we don’t appreciate it if you come from another state.
Alan: You’ve got a group called Americans for the preservation of American culture taking out ads and supporting you saying john McCain has been calling the flag a racist symbol for year saying mitt Romney waving a confederate battle flag, governor Romney is waving a red flag in front of a bull. Do you support what this group is doing?
Huckabee: No, I don’t support some of the independent groups, I don’t support what the club has done against me, spending $700,000 and then gave a come of hundred thousand a piece against me. These are out of control. I’d love to have a lot of things changed because candidates don’t have any ability to step in and stop it. In fact, it’s against the law if we were to call them and ask them to stop it, even though in Iowa and in new Hampshire we asked the state’s attorney generals in each of those states to investigate and if there’s any way to stop it, we wanted them to because some of these tactics are disingenuous, they don’t necessarily help the candidate for whom they’re intended, and I’d rather people be for me or against me, but do it through the campaigns, do it up front and honestly.

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