Race Is On

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But who is stirring the pot? The Clinton-haters say it’s the Clintons. And the media loves a good race story to sell its wares. Some African-Americans object to Bill Clinton referring to Obama’s story as “a fairy tale.” Other object to Hillary Clinton saying Martin Luther King, Jr. did good work but it took a president to legislate to improve civil rights.

Obama spokesperson Candace Tolliver says:

“There’s a groundswell of reaction to these comments — and not just these latest comments but really a pattern, or a series of comments that we’ve heard for several months,” she said. “Folks are beginning to wonder: Is this really an isolated situation or is there something bigger behind all of this?”

Clinton supporter Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones rejects the idea that there is racism coming from the Clinton camp:

“To say that there is a pattern of racist comments coming out of the Hillary campaign is ridiculous,” said Ohio Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones. “All of the world knows the commitment of President Clinton and Sen. Clinton to civil rights issues — and not only the commitment in terms of words but in terms of deeds.”

New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo did use a poor choice of words:

…when a Clinton supporter, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, said — though not directly in connection to Obama – that politicians can’t “shuck and jive” in early primary states, it only added fuel to the fire.

I don’t believe these are intentional acts of racism, but rather that we don’t always quite “get” what it’s like being African-American in the United States. It’s unfortunate that this has been injected into the Democratic primary. We don’t need to give Republicans any reason to point fingers at Democrats. But who do THEY have running who isn’t a white male?

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