Uh Oh! Obama Now Getting Tarred With The Dreaded "L" Word

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Yes, that’s what happens when they think you actually have a chance of getting elected. Robert Caldwell in the San Diego Union-Tribune unveils the ugly truth: Barack Obama is a LIBERAL.

What’s troubling, however, is that Obama’s record doesn’t match his reassuring persona.

And just what is it that contradicts a “resassuring persona”? Why, being a liberal, of course:

The liberal Americans for Democratic Action rates Obama’s voting record in the Senate at 97.5 percent, near perfection for liberal Democrats. The American Conservative Union, the ADA’s ideological opposite, rates Obama’s voting record at a rock-bottom 8 percent. Both ratings leave no doubt that Obama’s actual votes mark him as a traditionally liberal Democrat, not a moderate.

According to Caldwell, if you talk about hope and unification you must be a centrist:

Obama typically talks like a centrist but votes like a liberal.

And, contrary to Caldwell’s assertion that Obama always played it safe, he was against the Iraq war before it began, and highlighted Pakistan as a trouble spot before the current crisis.

But, lock the doors and protect the children! He’s a LIBERAL!

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