Bye Bye Fred

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Politico is reporting that Thompson is on the verge of dropping out and backing McCain.

The Thompson sources said they were describing a consensus expectation that is now widespread among his political circle, not announcing a decision that the candidate himself has definitively reached.

If he does back and ultimtely stumps for McCain, McCain better hope he does it with more vigor than Thompson exhibited in his own campaign.
Thompson and his aides are denying this. On Fox and Friends this morning here’s what Thompson said:

That’s not something that I have thought about, that is not somehthing I’ve disccussed with anybody. It’s something made up out of whole cloth, and dropped here at the last minute, probably by one of the other campaigns…with some staffers with too much time on their hands, apparently. But that’s the kind of thing you run into. No truth of that at all.

If he put as much effort into running as he does into denying he’s dropping out, maybe he’d have a campaign.

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