Susie Bright To Jamie Lynn: "Get An Abortion"

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In case no one else has the guts to say it, let me: you can still get an abortion at twelve weeks, Jamie. It’ll be so much cooler to have a baby when you’re not a baby anymore, and your mom can’t run your life. This isn’t a Knocked Up script, this is your destiny. Pack up your last paycheck and some condoms in your old kit bag, and get the hell out of Kentwood, Louisiana.

And the well-known sex writer refers to a Star Magazine story that claims Jamie Lynn was knocked up, not by her childhood sweetheart, but by a much older television executive.

But the bigger point Susie makes is this:

The abysmal failure of purity balls and chastity rings and “Just-Say-No” is one of the most under-reported stories of the year. The numbers are in, and they are deafening. Abstinence-mongering doesn’t work! Not one percent, not half a percent, not nothing, no-how.

Abstinence programs “don’t work” even more spectacularly than liberals have made allowances for, which really pisses me off. Many well-intentioned feminists refused to take a hard line on this baloney for years— billions wasted, school budgets hijacked, a boondoggle only a corrupt politician could love.

If you are a sex-policy wonk, (yes, that would be me) I recommend a nice Pinot Noir while you read the entire report.

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