Huffington Poster: "Who Is Colmes And Why Should We Care About This Fox Puppet?"

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I like the Huffington Post. Just as some say they knew Doris Day before she was a virgin, I knew Arianna before she was a liberal.

But no matter how liberal I am, that’s not good enough for some over there who can’t stand me because they don’t like where I work. That, to me, is not very liberal at all.

Here’s one post:

Alan Colmes does not even exist…he is anti-matter in both senses.

(I don’t feel so bad, as this particular person has taken pot shots at parts of Hillary’s anatomy.)

And then there’s this one:

Who cares? He’s just another overpaid hack that will do anything for a check. Just look at Olbermann.

(And that’s from a Hillary and Obama basher.)

Here’s a woman who probably wouldn’t marry me:

There is no legitimate comparison (between Olbermann and) Colmes, who was obviously chosen because he is kind of funny looking (compared to Hannity) and willing to take Faux Newz’s money to play the role of liberal stooge. If he REALLY is a liberal (and it sounds as though he might be), then it is all the more tragic for him to be reduced to participating in this absurd charade in order to make a buck.

I would like to apologize for taking money to do my job. I hope that all those who accuse me of making money for my work will voluntarily give up their salaries. I didn’t realize that accepting a paycheck requires one to give up one’s integrity. The dotted line I signed requires no such thing. Dirty little secret, re “charade”: It’s a show. The goal is to get ratings, to attract eyeballs. We do so by presenting different points of view, one of which happens to be mine

Another fan:

Colmes was not chosen because he is an adequate foil for Hannity from the opposite of the ideological spectrum….he was chosen because he looks like a mischievous weasel, to make liberals look bad

Okay, the secret’s out.

And this review from someone upset that I didn’t ask Romney a follow-up after he already showed he didn’t know what he was talking about:

The headline “Does Romney know what he is talking about?” asks a question, but Colmes says NOTHING to address this issue.

Hey…it worked for Seinfeld

And, yes, there are some very nice posts there, too.

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