Romney: I Have A Dream

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He has repeatedly said his father marched with Martin Luther King and that he witnessed it. He did it on Meet the Press and in his “faith” speech, where he proclaimed:

I saw my father march with Martin Luther King.

Apparently, it wasn’t only Martin Luther King, Jr. who had a dream. Romney was also dreaming. David Broder wrote a book in 1967 that he referenced in a recent column stating that George Romney and MLK, Jr. marched together in Grosse Pointe. It turns out that King never marched in Grosse Pointe, although he did give a speech at Grosse Pointe high school in March of 1968, three weeks before he was assassinated, and after the Broder book was already published. Romney senior did not attend that event. Furthermore, Mitt couldn’t have witnessed the speech because he was in France at the time.

The Boston Phoenix, which broke this story, says:

In June 1963, King marched in Detroit, and delivered an early version of his “I Have a Dream” speech; Governor George Romney did not participate, according to news accounts of the time.

CBS’ Scott Conroy had this exchange with Romney today:

CBS News: “Did you actually see — with your own eyes — your father marching with Martin Luther King?”

Romney: “My own eyes? You know, I speak in the sense of I saw my dad become president of American Motors. I wasn’t actually there when he became president of American Motors, but I saw him in the figurative sense of he marched with Martin Luther King. My brother also remembers him marching with Martin Luther King and so in that sense I saw him march with Martin Luther King.”

Huh? Your brother remembers something that didn’t actually happen and in that sense you “saw” it? Uh, okay.

The Phoenix is also reporting:

A spokesperson for Mitt Romney now tells the Boston Phoenix that George W. Romney and Martin Luther King Jr. marched together in June, 1963 — although possibly not on the same day or in the same city.

Marilyn Monroe and I once made love, although not on the same day or in the same room.

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