Feminist Hater On Radio With Me Tonight

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David Usher calls me a “radical feminist”. He thought I was ill-prepared and unable to understand the concepts of fathers’ rights activist Stephen Baskerville when Baskerville came on and said there was a defacto marriage strike by men in America.
Usher says I ask half-baked questions, don’t know basic broadcasting, and that asking me to get anything right is too much. He also says:

[Colmes] may still be the last person alive who has not realized the world is actually real. Take Colmes position on same-sex marriage. He thinks that gay marriage will not impact the institution of marriage.

Yes, my marriage is in deep trouble of two gays can get married, too.

Maybe Colmes never bothered to read the latest data on AID rates in America

I believe they call it AIDS. Also, marriage promotes monogamy, not promiscuity. How about this gem:

Can Colmes imagine what would happen to marriage if any two women could marry and leave men with nothing more than child support orders and prison?

Most women who marry will do so because they’re lesbians and in love, not because they want to screw (pun intended) an ex-husband.
This very kind man then throws up a picture of me and says:

Study carefully the stoned-looking face in this picture. Would you let your daughter go on a date with him? Or is this the spineless face of a lobotomized feminist doormat who enjoys getting laid a lot?…I have met ball peen hammers with more brains than Alan Colmes. In fact, I have learned several things from ball peen hammers.

First, your daughter, presuming a woman ever coupled with you and you were able to conceive, should be so lucky. But I do thank you, for recognizing that I am not just a feminist, I am a “barnyard feminist”:

So what is wrong with barnyard feminists like Alan Colmes? Feminists are avowed members of a cult, which by hookers or crooks became dominant in western culture. Cults indignantly believe things that are absolutely not real. That is why FOX does not let cult masculist leaders of Al Jazeera or CAIR host a talk show.

Bad news, Ush: they let me host one.

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