Bush Knew Iran Had Halted Its Nukes When He Warned Of WWIII

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Sorry, neocons, no war for you.

[Bush’s] stark warning came at least a month or two after he had first been told about fresh indications that Iran had actually halted its nuclear weapons program. The new intelligence report released yesterday not only undercut the administration’s alarming rhetoric over Iran’s nuclear ambitions but could also throttle Bush’s effort to ratchet up international sanctions and take off the table the possibility of preemptive military action before the end of his presidency.

But this isn’t enough to convince die-hard war hawks like John Bolton:

“While I was in the administration, I saw intelligence march up the hill and down the hill in short periods of time with no reason for them to change their mind,” said John R. Bolton, Bush’s former ambassador to the United Nations. “I’ve never based my view on this week’s intelligence.”

Of course not. Why would you want to base an opinion on something as silly as intelligence?

And the administration is claiming victory:

But the White House said the report vindicated its concerns because it concluded that Iran did have a nuclear weapons program until halting it in 2003 and it showed that U.S.-led diplomatic pressure had succeeded in forcing Tehran’s hand.

Yeah, and they were vindicated on Iraq when it was discovered they had a WMD program in the early 90’s. That was halted, too, and the US gets credit, right? Oh, wait a minute…that’s when Clinton was president.

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