Pat Buchanan: America Is On A Path Of National Suicide

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From his new book:

  • It’s coming apart and decomposing.
  • Bush’s Iraq invasion “the greatest strategic blunder in US history, the product of a messianic ideology, a secular religion of democratism”.
  • Axis of evil speech “the most reckless ever given by US president.”
  • America is torn apart, “breaking down along class, cultural, ethnic and racial lines.”
  • The United States “did not rise because the settlers and those who followed believed in diversity, equality and democracy, but because they rejected [those concepts].

Don’t tell that to the sponsors of the Jamestown 2007 400th anniversary celebration:

Students from every state and the District of Columbia joined PBS television journalist Gwen Ifill at Jamestown Settlement for a one-hour national webcast to discuss Jamestown’s legacies of democracy, cultural diversity and the spirit of exploration.

or to Governor Tim Kaine:

These Jamestown virtues – respect for cultural diversity, belief in the equality of each individual, the power of lawmakers elected from the populace and freedom of religious worship, are Jamestown’s legacies to Virginia, England and the world.

Buchanan also says a third world “invasion” of the US through Mexico is a greater threat than anything happening in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Doesn’t that sound like what the “Know-Nothings” once said about Irish Catholic immigrants?

The American Party was also known as the Know-Nothing Party. The American Party originated in 1849. Its members strongly opposed immigrants and followers of the Catholic Church. The majority of white Americans followed Protestant faiths. Many of these people feared Catholics because members of this faith followed the teachings of the Pope. The Know-Nothings feared that the Catholics were more loyal to the Pope than to the United States. More radical members of the Know-Nothing Party believed that the Catholics intended to take over the United States of America.

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