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Time to clear the decks! Enjoy!


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By: Alan

Alan Colmes is the publisher of Liberaland.

  • granpa.usthai

    Marines sent to Syria.

    so much for LIAR COWARD COMMANDER PONME’s promise to bring ALL the troops back home.

    sigh! -also, michael flynn RESIGNED as soon as evidence was presented that he had illegal contacts with Russia most probably on LIAR trump’s orders. he was only ‘fired’ after Liar trump’s incompetent team of deplorables opted to float that lead balloon in the not so accurate MSM. also, michael flynn should be able to show how the republicans were aiding and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood through his relations with Turkey.

    screw LIAR trump’s continuous made up BS about being the ‘victim’ of a ‘secret government’ the entire incompetent GOP legislative, incompetent GOP executive and incompetent GOP judicial branch have no control over.
    GO FORWARD ON KREMLINGATE without running down the endless sidetracks LIAR trump’s incompetent staff continuously lays down. That’s where the REAL story of betrayal, espionage and destruction of America from within is at.

  • granpa.usthai

    3/9/17 @ 23:53 hours.

    just read the GOP congress is trying to force their rushed patched up healthcare fiasco down everyone’s throat. seems like just a few years back they did pretty much the same thing concerning the illegal invasion and military occupation of a mid east nation that had nothing to do with the radical Muslims from Saudi Arabia?

    sometimes it’s better to take the time to think things through before jumping in with both feet. like when a 6 ft. tall dorsal fin of a shark is heading towards your boat, it’s good sense to not jump in the water and start splashing around.

  • Phil Lanager

    I miss Alan’s wit. I am cancelling my podcast subscription because of the crap like the depressing Leslie Gold they are replacing Alan with. Horrible. Bring back Heniken or Weintraub.

    • granpa.usthai

      you do realize that Heineken relocated from New Orleans to WINTER in NYC -?

      just thought I’d throw that out there, so if he gets like really weird or something….

      • Willys41

        You guys need to put down the beers and talk about “Ellis Henican” lol.

        And what about Jay Diamond?

        • granpa.usthai

          Ellis himself once said his name was pronounced like the Heineken alcoholic products.

          “it’s pronounced like the beer”.

          one of the times he was filling in for Alan, somewhere between 2010 and 2013. maybe I should have logged it, but who could have known…?

          • Willys41

            Really? You could be right but I could swear I heard him pronounce it “Hen-i-gan” or close to that. (The spelling, in any case, I did look up.)

            • granpa.usthai

              maybe he was trying to make it easier for us old timers?

              I guess he figured we’d remember something about a beer?

              • Willys41

                Anyone with a brain could clearly see that you are perfectly correct.

  • eyelashviper

    This is a goodie, one of the finer portraits of Precedent Hoofwanker:

  • Willys41

    Trump’s pit of vipers is collecting Obamacare stories. I told them mine: My premium went down by 50%. Tell them yours:

  • granpa.usthai

    sigh, yawn…it’s impossible to talk rationally with dumpy trumpie deplorables.

    your fatass orange savior of the white race has NO F”ING MANDATE from the people.

    LIAR trump was selected by the republican electoral.

    2016 election results:

    Lady Clinton….65,853,516 = 48.5% of votes cast.
    derelict don…..62,984,825 = 46.4% of votes cast.

    Lady Clinton WON the popular vote (that’s people who voted) by damn near
    3,000,000 people votes. If there’s a mandate from the PEOPLE -then it’s Clinton who clearly has the mandate. F LIAR trump’s BS story.

    PS: there’s 19 states that don’t even have a total population of 3,000,000 people.

    I am really really f’ing surprised that the “liberal media” can’t seem to figure that out – most probably because they are owned by incompetent derelicts like LIAR trump?

    • granpa.usthai

      PSS: to those who have the media’s ear – do not let trumps derelict incompetent team of deplorables continue to deflect from KREMLINGATE!

  • amersham1046

    Somethings to learn from the Dutch election–
    Turnout 82%–
    Will require a coalition of 4 different parties to form a majority–
    –Just thing different political parties working together for the common good–

    • Larry Schmitt

      That can’t happen here, starting with the voter participation. Americans can’t be bothered to vote if it’s not for American Idol. And our political parties are the true “enemies of the people,” in spite of what trump says.

  • granpa.usthai

    3/17/17 0853 hours:

    LIAR trump continues his on again off again accusations of being wiretapped by POTUS Obama before the 2016 SELECTION. From “it’s just a joke” back to it really happened and in 2 weeks, LIAR trump will be presenting overwhelming evidence – AGAIN – just keep KREMLINGATE out of public view while deals are cut behind closed doors to water down the sell out to Russia by the incompetent derelict LIAR trump team.

    Question: did LIAR trump really order the release of the US nuclear launch codes to the Russian half pint as a show of “friendship”? – or was it for personal and private monetary profits?

    Note: a ‘nuclear war’ with DPRK may not turn out so well with Russia having the ability to block any launch codes they deem necessary for continued “friendship”.

    China, the nation that builds Islands with built-in Military protection continues on it’s merry way with plans to start island chains in the international waters of the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Possibly with a resort island in the Gulf akin to a Chinese Disney World – full equipped with mid range missiles capable of carrying THERMONUCLEAR warheads up to 4,500 miles. (what a night show that would make on a 4th of July).

  • eyelashviper

    I just finished reading this, a very lengthy and very depressing article from the
    Atlantic, outlining all the conflicts of interest for tRump. The depth of his unethical, and maybe even illegal biz that can be affected by his position is simply unimaginable in a competent world.
    Had any Dem had even a fraction of such behavior, they would have been denounced, hounded, and driven from office. And this doesn’t even touch tRump’s Russian dalliances, his lies, his bigotry, and hideous daily behavior.

    • Larry Schmitt

      But he doesn’t care, his drooling supporters don’t care, and worst of all, congress doesn’t care. If they had a spine or any cojones, they would have started impeachment proceedings on January 21.

  • granpa.usthai

    incompetent derelict tillerson makes playground threats on the friendly little feller in North Korea on behalf of playground bully COWARD COMMANDER PONME if they continue to build weapons that can threaten US like weapons US has been threatening DPRK with for nigh on 66 years. Response of friendly little feller, Marshal Kim Jong-Un, is to personally oversee the building and testing of the high performance rocket engines that are striking “awe and terror into impotent fool Rex Tillerson”.

    I am of the common opinion that is held by many of the Asian leaders that any attempt by the US to use military force in a first strike attack would result in the deaths of at minimum 125,000 US troops that LIAR trump promised would be brought back to the US so they could defend their families against the white racist terrorist that have amassed in Nevada from time to time resulting in the “colors that don’t run” to run away at least 3 times already.
    Also, it would render the Korean Peninsula south of the 38th parallel basically useless for the next indefinite generations.

    Members of the US Senate who are not supportive of starting an all out NUCLEAR War should band together and write a letter to the friendly little feller, Marshal Kim Jong-Un, to explain that not all Americans or their congressional leaders support unprovoked bullying on his nation or any other nation whose sole purpose of their military is to protect and defend their peoples. Also the derelict COWARD selected by the GOP will not always be in a position to send his derelict incompetents out and about to try bullying other nations by the misuse of the US Military as specified by the US Constitution.

  • amersham1046
    • Larry Schmitt

      We’ve been wondering since the campaign started way back when why our so-called journalists haven’t been doing their job, asking the questions we wanted to ask. We’re still wondering when the will start. Do we have to import the German press?

      • granpa.usthai

        German History of the last century has helped the German people to learn how to stand up to a raving lunatic LIAR like trump. Perhaps Americans as a whole will have to endure a similar fate before reaching that learning curve?

    • granpa.usthai

      so now we know why the pumpkinhead orange coward waited until Gnadige Frau Merkel left the country before tweeting Germany needs to pay for NATO. (same screaming little COWARD that use to bully the 2nd grader boys on the playground).

  • granpa.usthai

    LIAR trump is now more adamant than ever that he was wiretapped by POTUS Obama, citing remarkable evidence like the “failing Times” as mentioning wiretapping in a 20 January editorial? While the “hearings” continue on the matter, perhaps some of the legislators that are capable of multitasking with their staff could also begin the impeachment proceedings for LIAR trump on the grounds that his credibility is worthless to the point that it IS a threat to our collective National Security and have a platoon of men dressed in white with yugee nets attached to long poles on standby for immediate response. -even if it means we have to endure several months of pence before sacking LYIN’ RYAN. ?

    as for the ‘replacement’ of ACA aka Obamacare, after 8 tedious years in the making behind the scene (the dark government LIAR trump talks about) it seems there are still a few twerks that need to be tweaked before final approval. – another NEGATIVE for LIAR trump who has been all go for the still very flawed GOP replacement. Again, this citizen ask:
    “why not give ALL Americans the exact same cost free coverage that is allotted each and every member (servants of the people) of Congress? – no premiums, and we’ll have the exact same choice that’s allowed our servants – I just fail to see what the problem is?

    now, onto more important issues like: how do we keep trump’s deplorables from misusing the US Military to wantonly travel abroad in attempts to bullying friendly little nations like the DPRK whose leader has been voted the best dressed MAN for 12 years running and has publically pointed out that while the poor in America are doing without, LIAR trump “relaxes with golf, pornography and similar whimsies”.

    and – don’t forget!

    MAKE AMERICA great? – AGAIN?


  • amersham1046

    Leader of group widely identified as anti-Muslim meets with White House–

    • Willys41

      The only surprise here is that the extremist isn’t already working in the White House.

      Well, maybe this is the hiring interview.